The Horror…

In addition to many comics and cartoon characters, I am expanding the Alpha-Sketch line of cards to include more horror characters.  Likewise, I will be exhibiting at some horror conventions in addition to comicons.   While I am a HUGE fan of the genre, I’ve never attended a completely horror-based con.  I decided to check out HorrorHound Weekend in Indiana to gauge the viability of displaying Alpha-Sketch there…and to have a great time!

I had the good fortune to meet three icons of horror while in Indianapolis.  A true cultural phenomenon, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, has made a mark across most media.  Television, feature films, commericals, and slew of merchandising have ingrained her image in the public eye.  She really liked her custom Alpha-Sketch too.

Elvira is the one on the right.

Sid Haig has been in a number of  great films from “Spider Baby” (my personal favorite) to “The Devil’s Rejects” (also excellent).  I had a great time talking with him.  He seemed to appreciate the custom Alpha-Sketch as well.

Sid Haig (Spider Baby, House of 1000 Corpses) with his Captain Spaulding Alpha-Sketch.

The man.  The legend.  …George Romero.  He’s the writer-director responsible for the modern zombie genre.  His classic films like “Night of the Living Dead,” “Dawn of the Dead,” and “Day of the Dead” are cornerstones of the horror film world.  He also brought us such entertaining films as “Martin,” “Creepshow,” and “The Crazies.”  He was very gracious and genuine.  Meeting him was the highlight of HorrorHound Weekend for me.  I gave him a custom Alpha-Sketch and an “Unlife is Good” t-shirt I designed (soon to be available in the store).

George Romero!

HorrorHound Weekend was great.  I hope my schedule lets me exhibit there next year.  In the meantime, all of you horror fans should look for the Alpha-Sketch table at the Famous Monsters of Filmland Convention (Indianapolis, IN) and the Fright Night Film Festival (Lexington, KY) this summer!


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