Fright Night Film Fest!

If you’re near Louisville, Kentucky why not check out the Fright Night Film Fest this Friday (July 30) through Sunday (August 1)?  It’s a great show with lots of cool people to meet, new films to watch, and a room full of great vendors.  Roger Corman, Tyler Mane, Heather Langenkamp, Tom Atkins, and plenty more entertaining guests will be in attendance for all the autograph seekers out there.

I’ll be at Fright Night peddling my Alpha-Sketch cards and prints,”Gloomy Roomies” comics and buttons, and “Unlife is Good” t-shirts and stickers.  Be sure to stop by the table and say “hi.”  For you horror fans, I’ve really done a lot of new genre sketches (“Star Wars” characters as well – not really horror, I know…unless you count the prequels!).  They’ll all find their way to the store soon.  Here’s an Alpha-Sketch I finished just tonight – a recreation of the original “Halloween” theatrical poster.

Hope to see you at Fright Night!



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