Thank You, Kentucky!

I had a great time at the Fright Night Film Festival!  Thanks to those of you that stopped by the table and are now checking out the site.  I’ve got many of the cards and prints that I had at the con available for sale on the store pages you can navigate to from the right sidebar.  Images should be up for everything, with most cards/prints having buttons for purchase.  If you see something that reads “coming soon”  and you can’t wait a couple of days for all of the purchase buttons to be in place, just e-mail me and we can arrange payment.

I hope I don’t leave anyone out, but here are a few folks I’d like to thank.  Check out their sites when you have a moment:

Ken and Myra Daniels – con organizers,

Chris Hamer – artist extraordinaire whose antics kept me entertained for the weekend,

Sam Flegal – another artist of extraordinary magnitude and driver of the van with the best A/C I’ve ever experienced,

Jay Fife – another great artist and cool dude.  I have an Alpha-Sketch pin-up coming up in the next issue of his comic series Mary Monster.

Rob Scott – Rondo-Award-winning artist who I was fortunate to meet and swap art with.  Extremely cool stuff and a great guy.

Uncle Bill & The Creepy Kentuckian – if you like horror and four-letter words and don’t already listen to their talk-radio show, do yourself a favor and check out the weekly madness over at

Joe Garcia – maker of the some of the best horror t-shirts around and a terrific gent.

And those are just the folks with websites…big thanks also to Matthew Essary, James and Abby Roberts, Jessica Frost, slowrider, and everyone else kind enough to stop by the table and hang out.

Biggest thanks of all to Nikki who put with me and the heat for three days as the convention center’s AC was struck by lightning prior to the con and was out of commission for the duration.  She rules, and I’m very lucky.



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