Custom Commission Sale!

If you are interested in a custom commissioned Alpha-Sketch, today’s the day.   From now until Friday, September 10 at  midnight EST custom commissions are on sale! 

A custom Alpha-Sketch can make a unique gift.  Some commissions have been used for anniversary portraits, wedding gifts, birthday cards, pet portraits, school mascots, sports logos, kids’ room decor, classroom use, and more.     

Normally a commission package is $30 per character and $20 for each additional character.  For this sale commissions will be $20 for one character and $15 for each additional character.  You will receive two 8.5″ x 11″ prints (bagged and boarded) and two trading cards (in protective sleeves) as well as two coded trading cards that reveal each letter’s location for every character.  For example if someone commissions the Fantastic Four team, they would receive eight prints, eight cards, and eight coded cards – two of each of the four characters.  This would cost them $65- normally $90 when not on sale.  If you wish to purchase more prints or cards of your sketch, they are available at the normal prices of $6 per print and $1 per card.  Please inquire by e-mail (braddparton at changing the at to @ of course) to discuss your project.  Please note that this sale may close early if the response is good.  I have enough room in the schedule to complete about twenty commissions.


2 Responses to “Custom Commission Sale!”

  1. I got my first commission in Baltimore and already commissioned another. These are awesome!

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