New Characters!

The Gallery pages have been updated with new characters.  Here’s a summary:


Admiral Ackbar (Star Wars), Bib Fortuna (SW), Chewbacca (SW), Death Star (SW), Gammorean Guard (SW), Han Solo in Carbonite (SW), Jabba the Hutt (SW), Jawa (SW), Princess Leia – Jabba’s Slave (SW), Millenium Falcon (SW), R2-D2 (SW), Slave I (SW), Tie Fighter (SW), X-Wing (SW), Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas), Zero (TNBC), Dr. Horrible, Gollum (Lord of the Rings), Mad Hatter (Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland), Neytiri (Avatar)


Batman (new pose), Superman (new pose), Spider-Man (new pose), Thor, Rocketeer


Domo, Tinkerbell, Master Chief (Halo)


Tweety Bird


Halloween poster


All of these drawings and more are available for purchase as collectible cards and prints in the store.


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