Limited Edition Alpha-Sketch Cards at!

Two of my biggest vices loves are comics and horror.  And when it comes to horror, you can’t go wrong with   Week in and week out, the Creepy Kentuckian and Uncle Bill show a true love of horror with their radio show, videos, and forums.  If you’re a fan of horror and strong opinions, check out their site.  The language gets a bit blue, but it’s always fun.

Unfortunately, the Deadpit crew were robbed recently.  In an effort to help raise some funds to replace their equipment, I pitched in some limited-edition Alpha-Sketch cards.  These cards (one each of the Creepy Kentuckian and Uncle Bill) are available as a set exclusively through Deadpit.  Another artist and friend- Rob Scott (super-talented and a heck-of-a-nice-guy) – created a limited edition Freddy Krueger print that is just awesome.  Here’s a video (NSFW) that the Creepy Kentuckian put together that tells a bit more about Rob’s print and my cards  and how both can be yours.


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