Ain’t It Cool News Digs F+!

The always entertaining comics review column at AIN’T IT COOL NEWS has reviewed my new book F+ in their INDIE JONES section. For years I’ve enjoyed reading this column and have found lots of great books that I otherwise may not have encountered. I’m pleased to say the reviewer liked the book! Thanks so much  for the kind words, Ambush Bug. Here’s a 7 page preview of F+ if you’d like to check it out:

F+ by Bradd Parton…preview

The complete book is available for purchase in the store.

If you’re new to Alpha-Sketch, please look around. It’s a very different way to draw. Each drawing is a rearrangement of the 26 letters of the alphabet! Every image contains one of each letter hidden within. If it appears as if a letter is repeated it’s usually a case of two letters that look alike when rotated like “n” and “u” or “M” and “W.” I also have weekly contests here on the blog and on the new-this-week  FACEBOOK fan page where I reveal a character (comics, sci-fi, horror, cartoons, and more) 5 letters at a time. The first person to correctly guess the character wins any existing Alpha-Sketch card of their choice! Visit the GALLERY to see an example of some of the many characters I’ve given the Alpha-Sketch treatment.

The ABOUT section also has an animation of how a drawing of Boba Fett is pieced together. Seeing the Alpha-Sketch concept in action is far better than reading me write about it! For the original art types out there I also have very reasonable commission rates.

Thanks for reading and welcome to Alpha-Sketch!


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