Welcome New Visitors!

Hey guys and gals! As we’re getting a lot of new visitors here this week due to my participation in the Countdown to Halloween as well as Star Wars Day at the Roper Mountain Science Center, I thought I’d write a quick post to explain what the heck this whole Alpha-Sketch thing is about!

My name is Bradd, and I’m an artist that draws using only the letters of the alphabet. That is, each line you see in my drawings is one of the 26 letters, and one of every letter is hidden in every drawing. You can check out my work in the gallery and see a nifty animation of how one of my sketches is made on the about page.

Currently I’m holding weekly contests where I give away free art, mailed to your home. For this month, I’ll be following a Halloween theme. On Mondays I post the first 5 letters in a drawing. Tuesday brings another 5 and so, until the entire illustration is revealed on Friday. As soon as you know what/who is being drawn, just send me an e-mail (braddparton-at-yahoo.com, changing the “at” to “@” of course) with your guess. I’ll let you know if you’re first. If you win, just tell me your mailing address and choice of card. It’s that simple. Scroll down to see a few of the past weeks’ contests as well as our current one. If you’d like, find Alpha-Sketch on Facebook as I mirror the contest there. Thanks so much for checking out Alpha-Sketch!


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