New Handmade Collage!

Boo Berry. Count Chocula. Franken Berry.

Three things that come out of hiding once a year to put the other cereals to shame. I try to stock up on the first two before they vanish until the next autumn. Every few years I forget that I don’t like Franken Berry and buy a box only to eat a few spoonfuls. Must be the nostalgia. Frankenstein is definitely my favorite of the classic monsters, but the pink stuff just doesn’t agree with me.

This year it seems like the big three were a bit more mainstream. I saw Fruit Roll-Ups from Boo Berry and Franken Berry (I learned long ago that chocolate is unfortunately not a fruit) and a Hot Wheels toy for each. I found the Franken Berry van and the Count Chocula car, but the Boo Berry truck still eludes me. If anyone out there manages to find one, I’ll give you a great deal on some art for it.

I made this collage using primarily cut-out craft papers and a little bit of ink all on 14″x17″ bristol. As always, every line you see is a letter of the alphabet. The border is handmade as well using just cereal boxes, bringing the size to 16″x20″!

If you’re interested in this one, send me an e-mail.

Happy Halloween!


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