Thank You, Fright Night Film Fest!

Hey folks,

I’ve been busy making new prints, promotional materials, and…a new shirt (available just as soon as it returns from the printers)! Unfortunately, I’m just now posting about one of my favorite conventions of every year, the Fright Night Film Fest. This year was the best year yet for Fright Night. The crowds were fantastic! I enjoyed meeting lots of new folks and re-connecting with some old friends and fans.

Bruce Campbell!

This year the show was hosted at the Galt House in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. It’s a wonderful venue. The guest line-up was, as always, outstanding. Bruce Campbell (EVIL DEAD, BURN NOTICE) was there along with Sean Astin (THE LORD OF THE RINGS, THE GOONIES), John Rhys-Davies (THE LORD OF THE RINGS, INDIANA JONES films), JAMES MARSTERS (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER), and many more. If you’re looking for a convention that has a little bit of everything, Fright Night is a lot of fun.

John Rhys-Davies!

One of the biggest highlights of the show for my wife and I was talking with Andre Gower (THE MONSTER SQUAD) and his wife Michelle. These folks were very down-to-earth and fun to talk with. They went home with some Alpha-Sketch art as well. Andre even gave me a couple of photos and a STEPHEN KING RULES shirt. Both were class acts all-around. If you ever have a chance to meet them at a con, do it.

Andre Gower!

Michelle Gower and her Ash Alpha-Sketch!

Our table neighbor was an awesome crafter named Lesley. Her SWEET GEEK figures, jewelry, and cards are outstanding. If you’re looking for something unique, give SWEET GEEK a look.

Also, if you ordered a commission at the Fright Night Film Fest, everything has shipped! I love the variety I get to draw and create through your commissions. I drew everything from professional wrestlers to chess pieces.

Next show: Charlotte Comicon…this Sunday!


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