Mad Monster Party!

Wow. What a weekend!

Mad Monster Party is without a doubt one of my favorite shows for lots of reasons. The staff is well-organized.  The load-in/load-out is simple.  The volunteers are very helpful (thanks especially to Pat!). The guest list is fantastic. The vendor hall is loaded with tons of cool stuff. Something that’s missing at many of the shows I attend is actually getting to talk to the organizer during the show. I realize that many times organizers are busy solving problems and insuring that things stay on-course. Every time I’ve exhibited at Mad Monster Party, the promoter has stopped by my table. That’s classy, folks. Huge thanks to Eben, Peter, Joe, and all the others that made Mad Monster Party a fantastic convention. Many people don’t realize that Mad Monster also produces a wonderful magazine. Three issues have been published to date. I really enjoyed the first two and look forward to reading the third one that I picked up this weekend. It’s a fun magazine with great articles, photos, art, and even crafts like paper-cut-out versions of the Bates house and even how to build your very own Wicker Man. What other magazine has that? You can order the magazine here.


I had a great time meeting lots of folks and seeing some familiar faces as well.

As far as table neighbors go, I got lucky and was placed by my friends Brockton McKinney and Bo Fader from Lost Story Studios. Those guys are very talented and always fun to talk with. If you want to see one of your favorite cartoon characters zombified, give them a look. They do great work at affordable prices. Also check out their great horror anthology comic, Death Curse. If you’re a comic book store kinda guy/gal, be sure to order their new book EHMM THEORY. It’s being released through Action Lab Entertainment’s Danger Zone label and is available for order in this month’s Previews catalog. Ask your comic shop owner to order some. I’ve already read it. You won’t be disappointed!


I had the pleasure of meeting Kristilyn of Zombie Romance. Since we both have work in the same gallery, I was familiar with her art, but seeing it in person and getting to talk to her about it was great. We did an art trade and I picked up a terrific print from her called “Dinner with Sally” based on THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.


Across the aisle from the Alpha-Sketch table was the Atomic Cotton booth. This husband and wife team from Kansas has some great-looking shirts. We did a trade as well where I grabbed this cool shirt based on the John Carpenter film THEY LIVE.  It was so hard to choose one shirt as I really liked all of their designs.

they live big

Next to Atomic Cotton were the great folks at Mutantville. Jamie and his co-horts are doing some fun things in the indie-film world. I always enjoy catching up with him. Be sure to check out their site for convention reports, reviews, and their entertaining short films and other projects.

Mutantville Logo sm

Over the course of the weekend I managed to meet the stars from two of my favorite films. Gunnar Hansen was fun to talk to even though I’m sure I sounded like an idiot. THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE is one of my favorite films so meeting the original Leatherface was a treat for me. While he’s definitely intimidating in that role, in real life he seems very kind. Sometimes I do a collage just for me. Here’s Gunnar after he signed my new collage, “L is for Leatherface.”


If you haven’t seen Gunnar’s more recent film BRUTAL MASSACRE, I highly advise it for horror fans. It’s a mockumentary spoof of the horror film business. Good stuff.

Making a rare U.S. appearance was Haruo Nakajima – the original man-in-suit – Godzilla. The Godzilla movies are also some of my favorites. I grew up with the toys and even dressed as the big green guy for Halloween many years ago. Mr. Nakajima’s signature line was long throughout the weekend. I didn’t think that meeting him would be possible as I can’t stay away from the table for very long. Thankfully on Sunday during the last hour, it died down a little and I got a print signed. I reads “G is for Godzilla”…in  Japanese.


I could not have exhibited at this show without the help of my wife. She was kind enough to work the table in my absence on Saturday since I was previously booked at a wonderful Art Expo in Morganton, NC. This is just another way she’s the best. I’m a very lucky guy.

Thanks, of course, to everyone that stopped by my table. I enjoyed talking with you and appreciate the support of my art. I’m happy to say that I was invited back as a guest for next year. Here’s to Mad Monster Party 2014!


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